Windows 10

Need to upgrade your computers operating system. Putting it off because you don’t want to lose any information or not sure about the compatibility of your software. We can do it all for you.

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System configuration

Need help selecting the correct server or PC for your clinic, office or factory. We can look at the options and present the benefits and disavantages of different senarios.



Monitoring of systems and services is critical to minimise business disruption. Essential services on your systems can be monitored, and alerts sent should anything disrupt these services.

Auto updating

Ever get annoyed with the updates to Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. that demand to be downloaded when you just want to open the application to get the job done.

How about deciding on a system setup for your office and have all those updates occur when your not even using your computer.

Services and Pricing

We offer a range of IT services to small and medium businesses. A select few are listed in the table below, but please contact us for a more comprehensive list.


  • Monitor business processes
  • Check log files
  • Ensure sufficient disk space
  • Identify potential bottlenecks in performance
  • Price excludes GST*
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  • Data or system
  • Incremendtal backups reducing time and cost
  • Local and/or offsite
  • Encrypt all data
  • Schedule different backup frequencies
  • Excludes software costs*   
  • Price excludes GST*        
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Remote access

  • Remote access configuration
  • Router firewall changes if required
  • Excludes any software costs*
  • Price excludes GST*
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my backups stored?

You are free to choose the location of the backups from on site, a local datastore or an Amazon data location in the region (Sydney). In all cases, it’s best to encrypt the information to ensure you meet any privacy requirements.

What is your refund policy?

We don’t anticipate this will be required but if we are unable to fix your issues we won’t charge you for our time.

What do you monitor?

We use state of the art software that can be configured to monitor just about any aspect of your office IT system. Depending on your setup we may monitor your databases associated with an application you may use to ensure the service is running, that the hard drive is coping with the demands, that your memory is sufficient. If at any time the resources fall below a predefined threshold then we will be alerted and take action. An added benefit of capturing data over time ist that we can anticipate when minor upgrades may be needed and schedule in services.

Can I alter my backup locations after the initial setup?

Yes, you can change may of the configuration settings in the windows client used to perform the backup. You can add more schedules with different locations or change the existing schedule. This should be done in consultation with your IT support to ensure you have redundancy as part of your backup strategy.

Can you create web sites?

Yes we can but for small businesses we generally recommend selecting a pre-existing template close to the design they would like. This reduces the cost of developing a website substantially and we can help setup the hosting site, register your domain name, create email accounts and modify the template to suit your needs. 

Need more information

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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